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Negotiating changes to your holiday parenting visitation schedule

For divorced parents this time of year, one issue that's likely forefront in your mind is seeing the kids over the holidays. Regardless of your relationship with your ex, figuring out the holiday visitation schedule is not only challenging, it may be one of the biggest conflicts you encounter when it comes to joint custody.

How to seek what your spouse may be hiding in divorce

Like most parents in West Virginia, you have likely played hide and seek with your children on more than one occasion. Such games are timeless and often provide free and easy means for keeping kids occupied and entertained. Fast forward to your upcoming divorce proceedings, however, and you may quickly realize that not all hide and seek games are innocent or harmless. In fact, when it comes to property division and assets that rightfully belong to you, the last thing you need is to have to prove they exist.

Do you know you can write your own parenting plan in divorce?

Over the years, as you've raised your children alongside the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia, you've likely faced many ups and downs together as a family. Perhaps, one of your biggest challenges came the day you sat your kids down to tell them you were getting divorced. Hopefully, you have a close relationship and were able to reassure them that while some things would definitely be changing in their lives, the one thing that will never change is your love for them.

Balancing the scales of child custody

Within a relatively short period of time, the structure of the average family household has changed. Society no longer expects mothers to stay home, raise the children and keep house. Fathers are not necessarily the sole breadwinners of the family. Your own family may reflect these welcome changes if you and your spouse both work fulltime out of the home and equally share the household chores.

What are my options in the event of parental kidnapping?

It's a scenario that no parent wants to consider, but what if the unthinkable happens to your family? Your ex-spouse has taken your child and disappeared, in direct violation of a custody agreement. Your head is spinning, but there are important steps to take and options to prevent the same from happening again.

Keeping kids needs front and center during divorce

Like many divorcing parents, worries about finances and property division all likely pale in comparison to your number one concern:  How your impending divorce will impact your children. Whether from well-meaning (but misinformed) family members or from outdated parenting articles, you've probably heard horror stories about the negative impact divorce can have on children. The fact of the matter is, though, that experts have discredited much of this information and the rest often involves behaviors that are avoidable.

Common divorce mistakes and how to avoid them

Even though you may be certain you are making the right decision and things will be better in the long run, there's still no question that divorce is a stressful time. Very few life events feel as overwhelming or complicated as ending a marriage. Not only do you have the division of assets, property and finances to worry about and child custody to figure out, but your emotions are almost certainly running high. At such a time, it may feel nearly impossible to keep track of everything.


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