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Is your West Virginia co-parenting plan all set for summer?

When you filed for divorce in a West Virginia court, you understood that your decision would have a significant impact on your children's lives. However, you also believed you were making a decision with their best interests in mind and were hopeful that you and they would be able to adapt to a new lifestyle in as healthy a manner as possible. You and your ex are still a parenting team, and if you're able to compromise and co-operate, that's great.

Especially during your first post-divorce summer, various issues may arise that spark disagreement between you and your ex. That's why it's always a good idea to know how to tap into local resources to help you address problems that may surface when your children are home from school all summer long.

Discovery: An important divorce proceeding step

You cannot wait to move forward with your own life following divorce, but at the same time, you may worry about how you will fare financially as a single individual. For this reason, one of your biggest areas of focus during the divorce process is making sure that you get all of the marital assets to which you are entitled.

When it comes to asset distribution, an especially important step during your divorce proceeding is completing the discovery process. Here is a look at what this process entails in West Virginia.

Co-parenting actions that could prove harmful to the children

No matter how you look at it, going through a divorce can be a stressful process, especially if you have kids. While you and the other parent might not agree on many things during your divorce, when it comes to the children, both of you likely consider it essential to safeguard their well-being throughout the process.

However, agreeing to put the needs of the kids first and knowing how best to achieve this goal are two separate matters. Fortunately, you don't have to navigate this process alone, and seeking guidance could help you better understand how to co-parent effectively after your divorce.

Easing the stress divorce places on your children

Undoubtedly, you have heard both sides of the debate about how divorce affects the children. Some say divorce is emotionally devastating for the young ones ,and others say that is it better to divorce than to subject your children to years of watching their parents unhappily married. Your fear of causing harm to your children may even cause you to remain married when your own well-being is at risk.

It may be difficult to imagine that your children will not be emotionally traumatized if you, as an adult, are overwhelmed by the circumstances. However, it may comfort you to know that there are steps you can take to minimize the negative effect the divorce may have on your children.

Settling your divorce outside of court may be possible

Going through a marital dissolution generally is not a pleasant ordeal. After all, both you and your spouse may be at odds about how to handle your divorce issues, such as how to split your property.

However, if you are able to resolve your divorce issues outside of court, the process may be much more palatable for both of you. Here is a look at how the process of settling your divorce matters outside of court works in West Virginia.

File your petition to kickstart your divorce in West Virginia

You have finally decided to end your marriage, and you look forward to moving on with your life as a single person. The question is, how exactly do you get divorced?

Getting a divorce in West Virginia starts with filing a document known as the divorce petition in court. Here is an in-depth look at what this process involves.  

Does your new job take you across state lines?

Living here in Martinsburg provides you access to employment in at least three other states and the nation's capital. From here, you have numerous options if you are willing to commute, and many people do. Whether the cost of living, lower housing costs or wide-open spaces drew you and your family to the state, you now face the prospect of moving for a new job.

Except, you have one large and important problem — the child custody agreement between you and your ex-spouse. The law does not allow you to simply move with the children. Even if your ex agrees to the move, the court will need to approve it as well.

Various child custody options can impact your family

You and your spouse have decided to get a divorce. Naturally, what this means for your money may worry you. However, most importantly, how the divorce will affect your children -- and your relationships with them -- may be a concern to you.

Various types of child custody exist, with each having a unique impact on your relationships with your children. Here is a glimpse at the various types and what they mean for your family following divorce in West Virginia.

Once served a divorce petition, you have a short time to act

The court has just served you with divorce papers, and naturally, you feel that this has turned your life upside down. However, you realize that, sometimes, divorce is unavoidable, so you have no choice but to go through it. However, where do you start?

Once you have received a divorce petition from your soon-to-be ex, you are officially the defendant or the respondent in the divorce process. Your next step is to respond to your spouse's petition. Here is a look at what generating the petition response involves in West Virginia.

Property division can sometimes be rocky in the Mountain State

Many couples have found romance in West Virginia, known for its beautiful mountainous terrain. However, many other couples have endured rocky marriages and are beyond ready to call it quits.

Divorce can certainly give an unhappy couple the chance to break free from the marriage and to move on with their own lives. However, it can also spark conflict when it comes to dividing shared property, such as cash and other assets. Here is a glimpse at how judges handle property division during divorce proceedings in West Virginia.


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