Dividing Property Equitably In West Virginia and Maryland Divorces

Separations and divorces are rarely easy for couples because of the convergence of heightened emotions and difficult legal processes. Chief among the stress is property division, which can lead to combative arguments even in cases where the couple has signed a separation agreement.

Despite the law's clear stance on equitable distribution of marital property during a divorce or separation, you may find the subtle nuances of the law difficult to understand or apply to your particular situation. Let Joseph Brophy Cordell, Attorney at Law, provide the guidance you need.

Your Guide To Understanding And Navigating Property Division

Few lawyers can truly say they understand exactly what you're going through during divorce proceedings like attorney Joseph B. Cordell can. He has experience navigating the challenges associated with dissolving a marriage such as equitably dividing marital property. He understands the law and how to navigate it properly, and he wants to help you do the same.

At our firm, we take a personal, hands-on approach to all family law matters. We know that simply agreeing to something without knowing all of the facts is not the right way to approach a legal situation, which is why we tell it like it is and explain things thoroughly. If amicable negotiations aren't possible, we are not afraid to take your case to court and advocate on your behalf.

We help you make informed decisions, not ones you'll regret later on.

Compassionate – Committed – Thorough

At Joseph Brophy Cordell, Attorney at Law, we make sure that asset division goes smoothly and correctly, from asset valuation to the application of factors that could impact a judge's final decision. From pensions to 401(k)s to business holdings, we make sure everything is accounted for and divided properly in accordance with the law.

If property division proceedings have you feeling like a fish out of water, talk to a lawyer at our firm. We will listen carefully to your situation and help you make decisions that are truly in your best interests. We won't let you do or say anything that could hurt your family law case.

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