Visitation And Parenting Time Made Simple

When parenting responsibilities are split between two parents who have separated, one of the most important issues is determining how much time each parent will have with their children.

At our firm, Joseph Brophy Cordell, Attorney at Law, we know how stressful parenting time conflicts can be. Our staff works diligently to help clients secure time with their children so that they can build and maintain close, lasting relationships as children grow.

Developing Comprehensive Parenting Plans

Parenting time, or visitation, is awarded as part of a parenting plan by the court once a child custody decision has been made. This plan typically includes a schedule that outlines:

  • When each parent will have time with their children
  • Transportation arrangements
  • The parenting responsibilities for each caregiver

Let us help you think through your options and create a customized schedule that works for you. We will address summer vacations, holidays, parental work schedules and more.

An Advocate To Enforce The Law

When parents do not abide by a parenting time schedule or flee to another state in search of more accommodating child custody laws, you can rest assured attorney Joseph B. Cordell will be there to ensure the enforcement of any court order.

He has more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer and has been through the legal process as a parent. He is committed to helping families find workable solutions that accommodates their children's best interests while protecting everyone's rights.

When possible, we work with the other parent's counsel to reach agreements that are tailored to the specific needs of the family and work for both parents. When an agreement can't be reached, we have the resources and the skill necessary to fight effectively for clients in court.

Make An Appointment Today

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