Your Right To Be Safe And Secure From Abuse

Under West Virginia law, each individual has the right to be safe and secure in their own home, free from domestic violence or abuse. This includes children in the household as well as other family members.

If a victim so chooses, they also have the right to seek legal protection from their abuser, which can prohibit contact between the abuser and their victim, or transfer custody of a child away from an abusive parent, guardian or individual.

At Joseph Brophy Cordell, Attorney at Law, we treat family law situations concerning domestic violence very seriously. Whether an order of protection is being sought or an emergency custody hearing is needed to change a custody arrangement, we are ready to put their years of legal experience and strong advocacy to work for you.

Strong Legal Representation When You Need It Most

Although laws against domestic violence recognize the seriousness of abuse and seek expedited remedy for victims, navigating the law and the court system can be a challenge. It can also be intimidating for victims to face their accusers. These difficulties can easily leave a victim feeling overwhelmed or even cause them to hesitate to take legal action.

At the law firm, we understand the emotional distress and lasting effects that domestic violence and abuse can cause. We approach every case with an open mind and offer a safe place for you to tell your story.

We Seek The Facts

Whether allegations of domestic violence are backed by police reports or come to light during divorce proceedings, we will make sure the facts – and only the facts – are presented to the court so that the appropriate legal action can be taken. With an attorney from our firm at your side, you can rest assured your fears and concerns will be addressed promptly.

A Confidential Free Initial Consultation Awaits

Our free initial consultations offer an opportunity for you to discuss your concerns and your rights with an experienced attorney who will serve as a steadfast advocate throughout your entire family law case. To make an appointment, call our law office in Martinsburg at 304-707-0673 or contact us online.