Supporting Children And Parents In Custody Matters

Custody arrangements can affect a parent's relationship with his or her children for the rest of their lives. With so much on the line, it is crucial to have an experienced family law attorney protecting your rights and your child(rens) rights.

At Joseph Brophy Cordell, Attorney at Law, we understand that your children come first. We will work closely with you to develop a strategic plan focused on helping you secure appropriate custody arrangements.

Our diligent preparation and attention to detail help us ensure that our clients have the best opportunity possible to maintain close relationships with their children as well as continue to have input into major decisions that affect their children's lives.

Understanding Joint Custody

In West Virginia, there is a legal presumption that joint custody is in the best interests of children, unless one parent proves otherwise. For parents who can maintain cordial, effective co-parenting relationships, joint custody is often successful and allows children to maintain a quality relationship with each parent.

However, when domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health issues or neglect and abuse come into play, joint custody can actually be harmful to children and should be avoided.

We also steadfastly uphold the Uniform Child Custody Act and will seek assistance from the courts in cases of parental kidnapping or unlawful parental relocations to other states.

Our Firm Is Ready To Help You

At Joseph Brophy Cordell, Attorney at Law, our staff is committed to helping parents present persuasive arguments to the court in order to secure a fair custody decision that is truly in the child's best interests.

We pride ourselves on our ability to minimize costs and the stress parents often feel in these types of family law cases.

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